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The Story of How I Found You, by Rita Bolla

The Story of How I Found You, by Rita Bolla

SKU: 9781732692770

This book is about people. The great ones. The ones who inspire. Who imprint themselves so deeply that the very idea of "you" and what you are capable of is radically transformed. These people need not be celebrities or world leaders. In fact, the people who truly make us come alive rarely ever are. More often than not, they seem on the surface like ordinary, everyday people. Sometimes we recognize their heroic grace at once. Sometimes only many years on. No matter how or when it happens, when the circumstance is ripe, these people will find you and lift you, even when you feel you have nothing to offer. They are out there. Never doubt this. And as you meet each of them, one-by-one, you will come to more fully recognize yourself in them and the value of the path you walk.

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